Bring the fun and thunder of drumming into your school with a range of percussion workshops for all age groups. Starting with the basics of timing and technique, the kids learn how to express themselves through rhythm, and how to connect with others to build a band! In as little as 30 minutes DrumSquad will take each class from baby steps to giant leaps, ready to perform for the school or parents. Talks and demonstrations from the workshop leaders will inform, impress and inspire, highlighting the cultural history and importance of community music and show what can be achieved with passion and practice!


A good band, like a good business, relies on strong leadership, clear communication, teamwork, motivation and time management! Drum circles provide an enjoyable, envigorating way to bring co-workers together, allowing new teams to bond, new team-leaders to test their management skills, and provide a level playing field for interaction between departments. So whether you're looking for a bit of fun for a staff Christmas party, or a more structured team-building exercise, DrumSquad can deliver an event to remember!


Nothing livens up a public event like a bit of drumming! Whether you're a town council running a music festival, a village running a summer fete, or a private individual holding a garden party, DrumSquad is perfect for putting the funk into your function! Draw the public's attention to a particular area with a drum procession; warm up an audience with a live show; interact with passers-by in a drop-in drum tent; add some power to your protest with a drum rally...the possibilities are endless! Call us to talk about how we can organise YOUR customised percussion experience!

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