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Are you just getting into drumming and looking to buy your first instruments, sticks or accessories? Or perhaps you're improving as a player and are interested in upgrading your gear? The huge amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. What are the good brands? How can you get best value for money? Should you buy new or second hand? We're here to help!


Everyone's requirements and budgets are different, and bargains come and go every day, so the simplest thing to do is Contact Us, explain what you're looking for, and we'll send you a bespoke email with explanations, advice and links to websites, auctions and reviews. This is a FREE service, open to anyone, whether you're a current student or just passing through. So drop us a line and let us help you find the perfect purchase!


There are certain products that we often recommend, and have proven very popular with our students, and us! So if you just want to dive in and get your hands on some stuff, the following instruments and accessories are tried, tested and used by us personally. Of course you can always contact us as a double-check before you buy. We usually get back to you same day, so you can get the info you need quickly and go mash that buy button! All the links below are part of our Amazon Associates programme, which allows us to receive a commission at no cost to you. For more information on this please click here.


TOP TIP! Don't buy the cheapest sticks you can find! They're often not straight, not durable and made of soft wood that sounds very dull on cymbals. Some things are worth spending money on, and a good pair of sticks can last you a lifetime!

  • Vic Firth 5B - A good all-round rock/funk stick from one of the top brands -

  • Vic Firth 5A - A slightly thinner, lighter stick, good for those with smaller hands, or for quieter music styles -

  • Vic Firth Junior - Shorter sticks for younger kids (up to age 8 or so) -

  • Pro Mark Hot Rods - A stick made of a bunch of thin dowels for a much quieter sound -

  • Vic Firth Legacy Wire Brushes - A speciality stick designed for jazz, but also good for playing super-quietly -


Practice pads are a soundless workout tool for your stick technique, increasing strength, speed and control. There are different types, and unlike sticks, how much you spend isn't so's more of a personal preference thing. Here's a few options:

  • Lolunut 12" Practice Pad + Sticks - A basic, medium-size pad with a wood base and hard rubber top. There's a lot of different manufacturers that offer these, but Lolunut throw in a pair of sticks for free! -

  • Remo 10" Tunable Pad - Made with a real drum skin over foam stuffing, this is less bouncy, making you work a little harder - great for stamina training! This also has a rim, allowing you to work on 'rim shot' technique. The foam can also be removed and the skin tightened to bring the bounce back and sound like an actual drum, playable with sticks or as hand percussion! -

  • Sabian 14" Quiet Tone - The 'Rolls Royce' option in terms of quality and price! This is as close as you can get to the feel of a real snare drum without the noise. Tunable for tension, extraordinarily quiet, and super responsive - great for working on fine control, ghost-notes and buzz rolls. Also has a rim for rim-shots, although that won't be so quiet! -

  • RockSolid Drum Silencer Pad Set - These are for converting a normal drumkit into a quieter practice kit. Simple foam discs bring down the decibels but keep the bounce and allow you to practice moving around the kit. IMPORTANT! Drums come in different sizes, especially the tom-toms, so check the diameter of your drums (measure inside the rim) and make sure you buy the right sizes. -

  • RockSolid Cymbal Silencer Pad Set - An add-on set of pads to muffle the cymbals too! -


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